How to get gyno surgery covered by insurance

How to get gyno surgery covered by insurance?

Hello friends, Today’s article is on gynecology surgery, and you will also learn how to get gyno surgery covered by insurance. In this article, you will understand how essential gynecological surgery is for men and why this surgical procedure is necessary.

Gyno surgery or gynecomastia is a condition where fat starts accumulating in the chest area, and the size of the chest becomes larger. It may be attractive for women but becomes a matter of shame for men. And it is reduced by gyno or gynecomastia surgery. It not only removes physical problems but also increases self-confidence in men. However, it is necessary to read your insurance policy before undergoing this surgery procedure. Or contact your insurance provider to find out if gynecomastia is covered under your insurance policy.

Generally, most insurance companies do not cover this surgery procedure. However, some insurance companies consider it a medical procedure and provide insurance coverage. However, the condition for coverage is that the medical condition causing gynecomastia must be severe.

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What is gyno surgery or gynecomastia?

See, friends, this problem starts when the chest tissue in men starts growing. This problem can also be genetic; it can also occur due to excessive consumption of medicines, and sometimes it also occurs due to hormonal changes.

You will be surprised to know that men’s chest can increase due to four different types of gynecomastia problems

  • Classic gynecomastia occurs when enlarged breasts get from excess fatty tissue. 
  • Puffy Nipples Gynecomastia occurs when the nipples become swollen, causing the nipples to stick out.
  • Fatty gynecomastia occurs through the depositing of fatty tissue.
  • Saggy gynecomastia occurs due to excess fat on the skin.

In all these circumstances, the size of the chest increases.

At what age does this problem affect men?

You will be surprised to know this, but the problem of gynecomastia affects young people. However, if it is taken care of in time, this problem can be cured without treatment within 6 months to 2 years. But usually, at this age, family members cannot recognize this problem. According to a statistic, this problem may persist in 20 percent of the youth in America even after 17 years. The problem of gynecomastia in boys aged 18 years and above can be due to hormones. Some people may also have this problem due to the medicines taken to increase their chest size.

What is a non-surgical gynecological surgery treatment?

In non-surgical gynecological surgery treatment, the problem is identified timely, and there are two main ways to cure it:

Lifestyle changes:

Gynecomastia can be treated by controlling imbalanced hormones. If you are higher weight person, then you should focus on losing weight because losing weight can reduce gynecomastia. It is necessary to stay in touch with your doctor.


You should understand that exercise, creams, and medicines never solve this problem. The primary cause of gynecomastia is the enlargement of chest tissue, which cannot be reduced without surgery.

What is surgical gyno surgery treatment?

See, friends, many men adopt techniques to reduce the enlarged chest. Those cases that are not serious get solved inside the office, and those that have reached a critical stage are in the surgery center.


Liposuction loosens the fat tissue in the body and gives the upper chest the right shape by removing the frozen fat.

Surgical Excision:

Another method of treating the problem of gynecomastia is surgical excision. This method gives the correct shape to the chest by making an incision. In some men, liposuction and surgical excision are used for optimal results. It takes 4 to 7 days for your chest to return to its correct shape.

How to get gyno surgery covered by insurance?

First of all, you should know that under many insurance policies, it is mentioned that the patient suffering from gynecomastia must be at a certain age. The age of such a patient must have been above 18 or 20 years. Apart from this, if you are feeling chest pain and it is happening to you daily, then your insurance company may cover the surgery, considering it from a medical point of view. If the primary cause of pain is the growth of glandular breast tissue, then it will be covered by the insurance.

But if it is due to excess fat accumulation, gynecomastia surgery will not get insurance coverage. It is because of your obesity, and that is why you are experiencing pain in the breast tissues. If you control the reasons causing gynecomastia and even if gynecomastia persists, then you are eligible for insurance coverage. For your information, let us tell you that the medicines that control gynecomastia include testosterone, asthma medicine, anabolic steroids, marijuana, and calcium channel blockers.

Always keep in mind that you must discuss this topic with your doctor and insurance provider before undergoing gynecomastia surgery.

  • Insurance providers have different policies and guidelines, so you must have medical documentation for gynecomastia surgery coverage. 
  • All these documents will be helpful to you even if your insurance coverage is rejected and you appeal again based on these documents.

Gyno surgery cost

Gyno surgery costs approximately $7,500 to $16,000. It includes the patient’s facility fee, surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fee, supplies for the surgery, and follow-up visits after surgery.


Before undergoing gynecomastia surgery, plan your expenses and budget. Apart from this, it is also necessary for you to talk to your doctor and insurance company on this topic. So that treatment can be done in a better way.

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