Affordable apartment insurance in 2024

Do you also live on rent in an apartment, condominium, townhome, or other type of dwelling? If so, then consider getting affordable apartment insurance.

Renters insurance not only covers the personal property of the tenants but also provides coverage for damage caused by break-ins, storms, floods, or any other event mentioned in the policy. In addition, if someone in your place gets injured, you get coverage on personal liability and medical bills under renters insurance, and if a fire or any other catastrophic event occurs, you have to move from your living place. In such a situation, renters insurance covers your living expenses elsewhere, like hotel bills and food, etc.

Here we will tell you about some companies providing affordable apartment insurance and their plans:-

State Farm

This company has the cheapest monthly cost of Affordable Apartment Insurance. State Farm is the most affordable company, with a monthly cost of just $13.4. The maximum cost per month for renters insurance is $17, so this company is the best in this respect. Not only this, this company also provides inflation coverage along with renters insurance policies to its customers.

  • State Farm insurance company is available in all 50 US states.


This company provides many extra-special benefits to its customers in many ways. Its standard policy covers damage caused by floods and earthquakes, whereas other companies do not focus on disaster coverage. Additionally, USAA offers special coverage and discounts to military personnel, retirees, and their families.

  • USAA provides its services in almost all 50 states of America.


This company is an online insurance company which operates through its website and app. People taking affordable apartment insurance from Lemonade company get the quotation online, and you can do the rest of the documentary process online from home. The cost of renters insurance per month from this company is $15.9. Being an online company, it doesn’t have any local agents available like other companies.

  • The Lemonade company is available in 28 US states.

American Family

The monthly cost of taking renters insurance from this company is approximately $30.49. and in this respect, it is an expensive company providing apartment insurance. Yes, it is also true that American Family helps customers save a lot of dollars due to their special discounts and diminishing deductibles. These special discounts and benefits include bundling auto insurance with renters, automatic payment facility, etc. This company cuts its premium by $100 to $500 every year. But this company is not available everywhere in the USA.

  • The American Family is limited to only 19 states of America.

All State

This company is in fifth position in providing affordable apartment insurance. After taking renters insurance from this company, the monthly expense comes to approximately $21.50. The All State company offers a variety of coverage and discounts to people age 55 and older. The company says that the given discount to their policyholders can save 25% of their premium.

  • This company is active in all 50 states of the USA.

How to Choose Affordable Apartment Insurance in the USA in 2024?

If you keep a few things in mind, you will be able to know which is the most affordable apartment insurance for you:

  • Firstly, decide which items get coverage, like clothes, bedding, household items, electrical appliances, etc. All these come under your personal possessions.
  • Which company offers the best liability coverage that covers your legal expenses and treatment?
  • You can also give priority to additional living expense coverage because if, for some reason, you become homeless, you will get coverage for your hotel stay and food bills.

Why is renter’s insurance needed?

There are many reasons why you need renter’s insurance but 3 main reason are:

  • Need of money in case of any kind of crisis
  • liability protection
  • For your personal property

What can renters insurance cover?

If you live in a rented apartment, your landlord’s insurance protects the building you live in but does not cover the personal possessions of that room. If any accident happens in which your personal belongings or equipment gets destroyed, then renter insurance provides coverage.

Renters insurance also includes many other coverages, such as:

  • coverage of your stay
  • personal property coverage
  • treatment coverage

All these benefits and coverages are provided by a renters insurance policy that depends on which policy plan is purchased.

Does the renter’s insurance cover roommates?

No, renters insurance will not provide coverage for roommates. If your roommate’s belongings are stolen or destroyed, they will not be covered. Yes, some renters insurance companies can add a roommate to their policy, but check with the company to find out what coverages and discounts are available on the policy plan.

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