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Find out the best health insurance companies in 2024

Today’s life is busy and stressful, but home and family make us feel happy and relaxed. But when it comes to family and our safety, we don’t pay much attention to it. Health insurance plays an important part in providing financial security for us and our families, and everyone should take health insurance. But keep in mind that you should always get yourself and your family insured by the best health insurance companies. If you get insured by a good insurance company, they provide financial support to you and your family during life and even after your life.

How to choose best health insurance companies?

The best health insurance company policy is one that provides benefits during life and even after your life. But nowadays, so many health insurance companies have come into the market that it becomes difficult to decide from whom to take insurance and how to choose which companies are capable of providing all these insurance services:-

  • Best affordable health insurance
  • Best individual health insurance
  • Best health insurance plan
  • Best medical insurance
  • Best private health insurance

We will give you information about the best affordable health insurance plans here so that you can choose the best insurance for you and your family.

Here is a list of some of the best health insurance Companies plans:-     

UnitedHealthcare group

Apart from being a great company in the health insurance world, this company is also the best health insurance provider, which provides services to millions of American citizens by providing them the best affordable health insurance in America. This company is known for the best individual health insurance with its best medical insurance services that covers a large network service area. They also provide more options for the health insurance plan for individuals or families. They always tried to give something different to citizens through their insurance policies plans which is their specialty.

Benefits and disadvantages of UnitedHealthcare Insurance:-

Benefits (Pros)Disadvantages (Cons)
Lower deductible compared to other life insurance companiesUnlike plans from other companies, it does not have a large number of health plans in the ACA market.
One of the largest life insurance providers in United states of AmericaHealth insurance premiums are higher than some insurance companies.
Leading in prevention, treatment, and quality
Special offers on life insurance for eye, dental, accident, and critical illness
Prons & Cons of Unitedhealth group insurance

Where are Unitedhealthcare plans available?

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • washington
  • Georgia
  • new york
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • north carolina
  • Alabama
  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado
  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • Louisiana
  • Missouri
  • oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • michigan
  • illinois
  • Nevada
  • Tennessee

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association that provides the best medical insurance with a group of 36 companies, and they are providing health insurance coverage in about 50 states of America. Their health insurance plans give health coverage to every citizen and their families. This company is at the forefront of providing its best individual health insurance in the USA.

Benefits and disadvantages of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance:-

The network of this company is very large, currently about 1.7 million providers are available.There are some consumer complaints regarding the plan.
Available throughout the USA.Higher ACA market premium than other companies
Provides all three health plans i.e. HMO, EPO and PPO.
Huge reduction in the cost of taking a silver plan.
Better ratings in terms of quality and patients
Benefits and disadvantages of Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

Where are Blue Cross Blue Shield plans available?

This company and its plans are available in all 50 states of the USA including Washington.

Kaiser Permanente

It is a company that provides its services from two sides. Kaiser Permanente provides health services and also insurance. By taking health insurance from this company, people can avail medical treatment for injury, accident, illness, and hospital along with all kinds of security and health services.

Kaiser Permanente Benefits and Drawbacks

Medical providers and health plans work for the same company, resulting in better health care.This company and its plans are available only in 8 states of America.
Offers four plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.Some complaints have also been lodged against this company.
Silver plan available with no additional deductible.
Better and cheaper insurance cost compared to other companies.
Best ACA plan compared to other companiesRating.
Kaiser Permanente Benefits and Drawbacks

Where are Kaiser Permanente plans available?

  • washington
  • Georgia
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Colorado
  • Virginia


Health insurance plans of Cigna company provide many types of medical plans and offer the best medical insurance to its members. Cigna company is the right choice for the best insurance coverage.


This company is famous for its facilities provided by health insurance professionals and its widespread network. Their health insurance plans have been designed keeping health in mind of the people.

Oscar Healthcare

Oscar Healthcare Insurance Company is included among the best health insurance companies run by technology in the USA. This company considers private health insurance as its priority. This company has worked to connect new facilities with health insurance by creating a mobile app with the help of Telehealth services.


This insurance company is famous for its advantage plans in health insurance. The insurance plans of this company provide the best medical insurance coverage, which is the best option for older citizens in the USA. This company works for the physical security and mental peace of American older citizens.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

This company has earned the trust of people in the health insurance sector. This company is active in many cities of America and people do like their health insurance plans. To reach everywhere, this company has made deals in the best affordable health insurance and got benefits from it, and today every ordinary American citizen gets quality healthcare services by taking their life insurance plans. This company has the support of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, has a partnership, and Anthem has maintained its dominance in the USA.

Molina Healthcare

The objective of this company is to provide the best affordable health insurance plans to the middle-class or low-income citizens of the USA and their best medical insurance and have achieved a good position in the insurance sector.

Let us know what coverage plans all the best health insurance companies provide:

  • Coverage from physical illness or injuries
  • emergency service
  • Surgery additions to the cost of admission
  • Use of prescription medications
  • Pregnancy and newborn care
  • mental health and therapy
  • To provide space and resources to people with disabilities or chronic illnesses.
  • Lab Tests and Check-ups
  • Counseling with AIDS and cervical screening
  • Medical services for eyes and teeth
All these companies offer their three best plans, which are divided into Bronze, Silver, and Gold, and let us understand their plans and expenses at a glance.

Best health insurance companies plans:-

Bronze plan

CompanyAge (30 years)Age (40 years)Age (50 years)Age (60 years)
Blue Cross Blue Shield$407$458$641$972
Kaiser permanente$311$351$490$745
United Healthcare$380$427$597 $908
Average bronze plans

Silver plan

  CompanyAge (30 years)Age (40 years)Age (50 years)Age (60 years)
Blue Cross Blue Shield$543$611$854$1,296
Kaiser Permanente$423$476$665$1,011
United Healthcare$489$551$770$1,170
Average silver plan

Gold Plan

  CompanyAge (30 years)Age (40 years)Age (50 years)Age (60 years)
Blue Cross Blue Shield$599$674$942$1,429
Kaiser Permanente$435$490$685$1,041
United Healthcare$551$620$867$1,317
Average gold plan

Remember, whenever you decide to take health insurance, pay special attention to some things:-

  • Plan as per your ability.
  • plan cost.
  • Benefits of the plan.
  • insurance company provider network.
  • According to the documentary told by the doctor.

So this is the information about the best health insurance companies in the USA and their plans, and we hope this helps you. In this way, we will continue to bring every small and big update related to Health Insurance for you, so stay connected with us.

Frequently asked question

Which insurance companies are licensed in the 50 states of the USA?

Three companies are licensed to provide services in all 50 states of the USA. There are some insurance plans from Aetna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Is it illegal not to have life insurance?

No, it is not illegal, and it depends on your needs.

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