What is the best dental insurance with no waiting period

What is the best dental insurance with no waiting period? No Waiting Period Dental plans provide patients with coverage for preventive, critical services and orthodontics with no waiting period. These plans are necessary for those patients who do not get dental care due to expenses. Dental plans with no waiting period have lower monthly premiums and higher annual coverage limits. And there is a vast network available to choose your dentist. They have great benefits at affordable premiums that you can avail of once the coverage starts.

Given below are two different tables. The first table shows dental insurance companies and their benefits. In the second table, all the information related to no waiting period so that you can choose the plan according to your budget and convenience –

HumanaBest Overall
Denali DentalBest Preventive care
United HealthcareBest Basic Coverage 
Spirit DentalBest Major Coverage
AmeritasBest for Orthodontics
MetLifeBest for Veterans
First table shows dental insurance companies and their benefits

List of best dental Insurance plans with no waiting period

CompanyCoverage limitNetwork ProvidersDeductibleStates Available
Humana$1,000-$1,500    270,000$50-$150 (lifetime)    49
Denali Dental$750-$6,000    300,000$100-$200 (lifetime)    34
United Healthcare$1,000-$3,000    150,000$50 (annual)    47
Spirit Dental$750-$5,000    111,500$100 (lifetime)    50
Ameritas$750-$2,500    111,500$50 (annual)    50
MetLife$1,000-$3,500    490,000$0-$50     50
Second table, information related to no waiting period

Let us now tell you which company you should choose and why. Apart from this, we will also advise you in detail about the advantages and disadvantages of these companies –

Best dental insurance with no waiting period


The Humana Company offers various dental insurance plans with no waiting period. It has three different types of plans: first, affordable premiums; second, low deductibles; and third, a vast network of providers. This company is the best in dental treatment without any waiting period.

Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of this company –

Some plans have no waiting period for all coverage servicesThe best coverage is not available for orthodontics
There are 3 different plans available, which you can choose as you wish.Higher co-insurance compared to other companies
270,000 in-network dentists
Advantages and disadvantages of Humana

Denali Dental:

Denali Dental Company is the best company providing preventive care in dental insurance. This company offers more preventive care services than any other dental provider. If you understand, in simple words, under the policy of this company, you can get your teeth cleaned four times a year.

Advantages and disadvantages of this company –

In their plan, you can get your teeth cleaned four times a year and your teeth checked twice.high premium
low-lifetime deductibleHigh rate co-insurance in the beginning 
Maximum annual coverage limit $6,000Low-cost Ridge plans do not cover orthodontics.
Advantages and disadvantages of Denali Dental

United Healthcare:

This company covers all the essential and basic dental needs in its affordable insurance plans. Most United Healthcare dental insurance policies have no waiting period for services. And there are low co-insurance rates that decrease each year you stay with the provider.

Advantages and disadvantages –

cheap monthly premiumsThere is a waiting period for large-scale services in some plans.
Low co-insurance charges for essential and basic servicesJust one plan for orthodontics coverage
No waiting period for preventive coverageUseless coverage for primary services
Advantages and disadvantages of United Healthcare

Spirit Dental:

Spirit Dental Company is best for primary coverage as it offers Eight policies with no waiting period and low coinsurance rates for primary services. Various coverage options let you choose between monthly premiums, annual coverage limits, and out-of-network dentists.

Advantages and disadvantages of this company –

There is no waiting period for any coverage procedure.Out-of-pocket expenses for orthodontics
One-time $100 deductibleexpensive monthly premiums.
$5000 annual coverage limitCircumstances will be less favorable for you in the first year
Advantages and disadvantages of Spirit Dental


amirates Company offers the best option for orthodontics with no waiting period, and its coinsurance rates start at 85% but drop to 50% after one year, making this company the best option for orthodontics.

There is no waiting period, including orthodontics, on many plans.Low-cost plans limited to in-network providers.
All its plans cover orthodontics.
High coverage rate after one year.
Pros and Cons pf Ameritas


If you get VA health benefits, MetLife’s VADIP dental insurance plan provides primary services with no waiting period. It does not include orthodontics.

Metlife offers the cheapest coverage for veterans and their families.The Veterans Dental Plan requires enrollment in the VA Healthcare Program.
50 thousand provider network access points.Only two policy options are available
Coverage limit up to $3,500 annually24-month waiting period for orthodontics
MetLife: Advantages and disadvantages

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the waiting period required for all dental insurance plans?

No, not all dental insurance plans have a mandatory waiting period. Many people choose to have a waiting period only for some dental procedures in their policy and no waiting period for other main procedures. For example, people choose no waiting period for primary services over preventive care.

How much does dental insurance cost with no waiting period?

No waiting period dental insurance plans cost $7 to $100 per month, depending on coverage limits and deductibles. But if someone does not choose a deductible plan, one will have to pay a higher premium every month or more in co-insurance for the first two years.

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