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HOAs, condo hotels, and insurance laws take effect July 1 in Florida!

Hi guys, I hope you are doing well! Live Insurance Info has confirmed that new real estate insurance laws will be implemented in Florida starting July 1 after this year’s legislative session. Governor Ron DeSantis has signed all pending bills to deal with several controversial issues, such as the governing structure of condo hotels and the lack of oversight over association-run residential communities. One of these new laws is aimed at helping home builders obtain building permits.

Florida Home Program Returns with $200 Million in Grants

After months of waiting, Sunshine State homeowners will finally be able to take advantage of the My Safe Florida Home program starting July 1. It’s a widely loved program in Florida that’s promoted as a way to lower home insurance premiums. The program is relaunching with $200 million in grants. The $10,000 funds will be used to make safety improvements to homeowners’ homes after a hurricane.

Florida’s Soaring Home Prices: A 5-Year Snapshot

For your information, let us tell you that in the last 5 years, it has become impossible to buy a house in Florida because the prices are skyrocketing. According to a report, the cost of an average house reached around $400,000 in June. According to these figures, these prices were $ 242,000 in June 2019, which has now increased to $ 399,944. Today, the residents of Florida who want to buy their own house in the Sunshine State consider themselves poor and weak, but if the residents of Florida want, they can buy a house and condominium for less than $100,000.

Governor DeSantis Vetoes Housing Requirements for Farm Workers

As the challenge of affordable housing becomes a challenge for policymakers, Governor Ron DeSantis has completely rejected requiring agricultural employers to provide housing to workers, according to information obtained by Live Insurance Info. In addition, the Republican governor has vetoed legislation (SB 1082) that disables any local restrictions preventing the construction of housing for workers on agricultural land. This policy would encourage the hiring of undocumented workers on Florida farms.

Tampa and Jacksonville Among America’s Best Cities to Work

Keep in mind that not all cities are judged equally when it comes to selling a home. For property agents in Tampa and Jacksonville, it’s amazing that their cities are ranked among the best cities to work in. Tampa is ranked No. 4 on the list of America’s best cities, and Jacksonville is No. 7, which is a big deal.

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