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Election of a new insurance commissioner candidate in NC?

Who is the Insurance Commissioner candidate in NC?

The election of a new insurance commissioner in North Carolina is approaching. A close contest is expected in this election. This election will decide the framework of insurance in North Carolina, and upcoming changes will impact the pockets of the commoners. While outgoing Commissioner Mike Causey faces Andrew Marcus and C. Robert Brawley in the GOP primary, David Wheeler faces State Senator Natasha Marcus in the Democratic primary.

David Wheeler background

Let’s know about David Wheeler –

  • Name – David Wheeler
  • Party – Democrat
  • Age – 58
  • Campaign

Occupation – President, Global Higher Education Group LLC

Experience – 2015 to present President at Global Higher Education Group LLC, Embark LLC, Ambassador LLC 2007-2020, Senior Vice President, 2005-2007, Protocol International, Inc. Chairman 1990-2005

Education – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Economics, University of Iowa, 1987

Questions from David Wheeler about Election of a New Insurance Commissioner

When we asked David Wheeler some questions about the challenges facing the insurance industry, here’s what he said –

What is the biggest issue you will solve in North Carolina?

My priority would be holding insurance companies accountable through public hearings in North Carolina. If that happens, insurance rates will automatically go down, and the insurance companies will have to prove to me, my team, and the citizens of North Carolina that there is a need to raise rates. 

According to you, is the present Insurance Commissioner’s office working in the interest of insurance holders?

If we talk about the current situation, the present commissioner is not leading the department. The Department of Insurance in North Carolina is out of control today. During his tenure, insurance rates were secretly increased by 19 percent with no input from the public.

Do you think the Insurance Commissioner should take on the role of State Fire Marshal?

Not at all. I believe the Insurance Commissioner should not be the State Fire Marshal. It is a professional and responsible post. Hence, only a person who has previously been a firefighter and has office management experience should hold this post so that we can ensure that our fire department is well-trained and that they get compensated appropriately.

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