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Mount Lemmon’s Homeowner Insurance Crisis

The latest news on coming Mount Lemmon’s Homeowner Insurance Crisis. Everyone who opened their homeowner’s insurance notice this year has been hit by inflation, but the burden has been especially high for those who own a home or cabin in Mount Lemmon. In fact, as agent Jennifer of Mount Lemmon Realty says, you can no longer afford homeowners insurance, and if you do, it will cost you ridiculously much.

Mount Lemmon’s Homeowner Insurance Crisis

Explaining further, he said the annual homeowner’s insurance bill for a 1,500-square-foot cabin has come to $9,000. Some owners’ policies have doubled or tripled. People living in the Catalina Mountains have been hit with a double blow.

Skyrocketing Insurance Costs in Mount Lemmon

She further explains that we have the highest taxes here in Mount Lemmon, Arizona. Now, we have the highest insurance, and you can’t even get insurance. This has happened because usually companies call and say they are leaving you.

Mount Lemmon’s Homeowner Insurance Crisis

If those people can get and keep insurance, it can cost much less. The rates at Sawmill Restaurant have doubled. The insurance rates of Mount Lemon Hotel have also doubled, and the rates of general stores have also doubled.

Community Response to Wildfire Risks

Mount Lemmon has seen two devastating wildfires in the last 20 years. The Bullock Fire in 2002 and the Aspen Fire in 2003 destroyed much of the community. The community has learned some lessons from the wildfire. Now, they have a strictly implemented Fire-wise Program, 44 fire hydrants, 7 firefighters, and 1 attitude.

Efforts to Mitigate Risks: The wildfires Program

I think they have recognized “what the risks are and have taken some drastic steps in their community to prevent wildfires and damage to their homes,” said District 4 Pima County Supervisor Steve Christie. But despite those efforts, the increased number of new bills has surprised everyone. This affects home values, making the process of buying, selling, or even building difficult, and that is why the board will seek help from the state.

Political Response and Seeking Solutions

Christie says, “We are trying to find ways through any means, either the governor’s office or the Department of Insurance or our lobbyist (Michael) Racey, to get some kind of relief or at least stabilize the situation with the insurance companies.”.

Seeking Relief: Political Initiatives

Explaining further, she said that this will not be limited to just Mount Lemmon, but communities across the country will face ever-increasing premiums due to dangerous incidents.

Economic and Real Estate Ramifications

Christie added, “The wildfires have caused so much damage that it will cost billions of dollars to recover, and if they’re going to recover, everyone is going to have to take some of that risk.”

She also states that she hopes to get unanimous approval from the board to approach the state to help deliver a solution. The board will hear this issue in its meeting on Tuesday, May 21. The average price of homeowners insurance in Arizona is now nearly $2,100 a year, and hurricanes on the East Coast and wildfires on the West Coast have prompted insurance rates to rise again in 2025.

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