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The L.A. Insurance Commissioner visits Cenla and talks about insurance reform!

Tim Temple, Louisiana’s L.A. insurance commissioner, visited Cenla yesterday, June 24, to discuss the state insurance crisis and legislative reform in his department. Tim Temple was a guest speaker at the North Rapids Business and Industry Alliance meeting in the Town of Ball.

L.A. Insurance Commissioner visits Cenla

In his statement, Tim said, “In Louisiana, whether you live alone, with family, or as a businessman, getting affordable insurance is your right. My fight for this is going on and will continue. Tim Temple further said that implementing insurance reforms is slow, so this struggle has become long. Tim also expressed his special gratitude to two MPs from Cenla. There have been no insurance reforms since 1996. Today, the insurance crisis is standing in front of us.

Tim further said, “We have been getting political support in the case of property insurance and auto insurance, for which I am grateful, and today, I can assure you that insurance companies and reinsurers are taking this seriously. Tim further said, “Our goal is to get more companies to reduce your home or your car insurance, which will reduce the pressure on your premiums, and therefore, this comprehensive package of bills was designed to address auto and homeowners’ property values.

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