Do pet insurance cover spaying in 2024?

Raising a pet is not easy because we all know that because they are part of our families and they need a lot of love, care, and medical care, in today’s world, having pet healthcare services is too expensive that they even sometimes it get hard for us to afford for such medical services you need to have complete information about pet insurance. Taking care of a pet animal is a big responsibility, which includes feeding them a proper diet, providing daily exercise, and undergoing health and medical checkups. While raising pets, the most important thing is to keep them healthy, and spaying or neutering them is also a part of it.

Spaying of pets is a method that controls the increasing population of animals and does not allow female animals to get sick. Pet insurance cover is required to cover the expenses of a female animal if she gets ill, or suffers from any wound or injury. Does pet insurance help in spaying coverage? Can it cover spaying related to female animals? Here in this article, we will learn about pet insurance spaying coverage and what are the benefits of pet insurance spaying coverage.

Pet insurance covers the spaying and neutering expenses incurred by the pet owner on the animal. Pet insurance plans vary in terms of the coverage they offer. Every animal owner would like such a plan for his pet animal where he doesn’t have to spend his money and his animal also gets complete coverage.

Does pet insurance cover spaying?

Pet insurance covers spaying depends on two things:- 

  1. pet insurance policy, 
  2. pet insurance company,

Pet insurance plans that cover spaying expenses can provide coverage on spaying or neutering, insurance policies do not cover vaccination and body checkups every Six months, and these are some expenses that pet owners have to spend money on.

Many companies today offer many pet insurance plans that include coverage for spaying. Most importantly before buying any pet insurance, read the terms and conditions of the pet insurance policy carefully. Always choose the best pet insurance policy for your pet’s spaying procedure.

What does pet insurance cover besides spaying?

The pet insurance policy covers:-

  • animal blood test
  • Canine Bordetella Vaccine
  • Canine DHLPP Vaccine
  • cleaning animal teeth
  • animal medicines
  • examination of animal feces
  • FELV Vaccine for Animal
  • animal grooming
  • Animal Heartworm Testing
  • animal microchipping
  • nutrition for animals
  • Animal Consult Chat Facility
  • diet chart for animals
  • Regular check-ups of the animal
  • animal urine test
  • Animal vaccination check
  • animal spaying or neutering surgery

Pet insurance companies that cover spaying and neutering:-

CompanyBest ForMonthly CostAccident 
LemonadeMost affordable$18-$602 Days 
Spot pet InsuranceMost customizable Plans$22-$8014 Days 
FigoMost flexible Reimbursement Rates$17-$391 Days
EmbraceOur Pick Savings$23-$852 Days
ASPCA Pet Health InsuranceMost experienced $22-$4614 Days 
Prudent PetOur pick for extra coverage $25-$605 Days 
Pets BestOur pick for senior pets$15-$343 Days
Pet insurance companies that cover spaying and neutering

Lemonade (Most Affordable)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($5k to $100k)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 90%)
  • Reduction ($100, $250 to $500)

Spot Pet Insurance (Most Customizable Plans)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($2.5k to $10k)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 90%)
  • Cut ($100 to $1k)

Figo (Most Flexible reimbursement rates)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($5k to $10k)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 100%)
  • Deductible ($100 to $750)

Embrace (Our pick for savings)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($5k to $30k)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 90%)
  • Cut ($200 to $1k)

ASPCA (Pet Health Insurance)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($3k to $10k)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 90%)
  • Deduction ($100 to $500)

Prudent Pet (Our pick for extra coverage)

  • Annual Coverage Limit ($10k to Unlimited)
  • Payout Rate (70% to 90%)
  • Deduction ($100 to $1,000)

Pets Best (pick for senior Pets)

  • Annual Coverage Limit (Unlimited)
  • Payout Rate (70%, 80% or 90%)
  • Deduction ($100 to $1,000)

How much does it cost to spay a pet?

  • The cost of spaying depends on the breed of the animal, pet location, health, weight, and the veterinarian’s fees.
  • Spaying of cats is cheaper than that of dogs
  • When a cat is six months old it will cost even less.
  • If the pet is unhealthy, higher- wieght, or otherwise ill, the spaying procedure will cost more.

For the health and safety of your pet, you should get spaying done at the right age. Tell the veterinarian about your pet, he will tell you the right time and cost of the surgery. 

The cost of spaying a dog or cat is given below:-

Age of animalAverage dog costAverage cost of a cat
less than 6 months      $2,101      $409
more than 6 months      $263      $477
cost of spaying a dog or cat

Why is pet spaying important?

Before bringing animals into your home, decide what will be the time of their spaying because if you do this, then the increasing population of stray animals will be controlled and the health of your animal will also remain good. By spaying or neutering the animals, there is no risk of contracting or spreading diseases and their life gets extended

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the Costs of a Pet Insurance policy?

Pet insurance costs around $35 per month for dogs and $28 per month for cats. If the insurance doesn’t cover you even if you spend more than $5,000, you’ll need to upgrade your premium. You can choose plans with unlimited annual coverage. The average cost of these plans is $50 per month for cats and $56 per month for dogs.

Are there waiting periods in pet insurance that cover spaying?

Yes, absolutely. The average waiting period for a pet insurance provider is 14 days, but this is if your dog or cat does not need a neuter procedure until they are 6 months old. If you buy pet insurance right after the birth, the waiting period will be over by the time you need coverage.

Does pet insurance have spaying coverage first?

Spaying has not been included in pet insurance before. Yes, many pet insurance companies make spaying a part of their policy. For that, everyone has to pay more to get such pet insurance coverage.

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