Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tampa 2024

Which is the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Tampa?

We can get the cheapest auto insurance in Tampa because, for a 6-month auto insurance policy in Tampa, one has to spend approximately $1,827, which costs almost $304 per month. Let’s talk about the year 2024. Travelers Insurance Company is on top in providing the cheapest auto insurance in Tampa. The rate of the 6-month policy in this company is $1,213.

A serious look at this topic reveals that Tampa residents have to pay higher premiums than Florida residents, as the average expense in 6 months in Florida is $1,458, much lower than in Tampa. If you are also among these people, you must be looking for a better option for yourself. Before buying any car insurance, thoroughly check and gather information about your credit score, coverage level, and all other aspects.

Which are the Cheapest Auto Insurance companies in Tampa?

Travelers InsuranceTravelers policy cost per month is $202, and the policy cost for six months is $1,213.
State FarmThe cost of a policy in State Farm company is $238 per month, and for six months is $1,430.
GeicoThe monthly cost of a policy in Geico is $270, and for six months is $1,622.

What are the 6-month rates from insurance companies in Tampa?

Travelers Insurance Company offers the cheapest and most comprehensive car insurance in Tampa. The per-month policy rate is $202, while the 6-month policy rate is $1,213. Similarly, State Farm Company is in second number. The monthly cost here is $238, and a 6-month policy costs $1,430. Let us know about the cheapest auto insurance companies in Tampa in the year 2024 –

CompanyAverage Premium (6 Months)
Travelers Insurance$1,213
State Farm$1,430

How much is the Auto insurance premiums by age in Tampa

Less driving experience increases the likelihood of accidents and more claims, resulting in higher premiums for teen drivers. The difference in premium rates between experienced and teen drivers in Tampa is $6,078 per year, which is a huge difference. Everyone needs to know that insurance companies work within the scope of risk management. Insurance companies reduce the financial burden of claim settlement by charging teen drivers higher premiums. In simple words, insurance companies work on sound business principles.

Let’s find out how much teen drivers spend on auto insurance in Tampa –

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Teen Drivers in Tampa 

CompanyAverage Premium (6 Months)
Travelers Insurance$3,372
State Farm$4,683

Let us now know which company is offering the cheapest auto insurance with minimum coverage in Tampa and what are their rates –

CompanyAverage Premium (6 Months)
Travelers Insurance$355
State Farm$511

What are Auto insurance rates by credit score in Tampa?

Tampa, like many other states, insurance companies check a driver’s credit score when offering auto insurance policies. Drivers with low credit scores are more likely to file claims, have coverage gaps, and engage in risky driving, have to pay higher premiums. In Tampa, drivers with low credit scores pay higher premiums than drivers with excellent credit. Suppose a driver with a poor credit score of 300 to 579 and a driver with outstanding credit whose score is 800 to 850. In such a situation, the driver with poor credit will pay a premium increase of 94 percent. Tampa has 33 percent of drivers whose scores fall within 580 to 679.

Cheapest Auto insurance companies for bad credit in Tampa

CompanyAverage Premium (6 Months)
Travelers Insurance$2,479
State Farm$2,701

How much Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident in Tampa?

Accidents caused by mistake or minor collisions are the reasons for the highest number of insurance claims. Due to these at-fault accidents, auto insurance in Tampa has increased by approximately $135 per month. To get the cheapest auto insurance rates, you must have a clean driving record, have not been involved in any accidents, and have no violations on your part, such as driving over the speed limit, reckless driving, and drunk driving. All of these increase your premium amount. Let us know which companies provide the cheapest auto insurance to drivers after an at-fault accident in Tampa –

Cheapest auto insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Tampa

CompanyAverage Premium (6 Months)
Travelers Insurance$1,569
State Farm$1,951

Apart from this, to violate rules, the premium of the policy increases. What is the percentage of this premium increase, and how much more will it cost? We are giving you the information below:

Accident / ViolationPremium (6 Months)% Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
One Med/PIP Claim$1,8270%$0
Not at fault Accident$1,8914%$64
Two Med/PIP Claims$1,9607%$133
One Comp Claim$1,9718%$145
Two Comp Claims$2,03411%$208
Child Safety restraint$2,07013%$243
Failure to wear a seat Belt$2,07013%$243
Failure to Show Document$2,07814%$251
Driving without lights$2,07814%$251
Speeding over limit$2,09715%$271
Wrong Way/Wrong lane$2,13117%$304
Failure to Stop Red light$2,13417%$308
Drive with expired Registration$2,13917%$312
At-fault Accident (less than $1000)$2,60543%$779
At-fault Accident (greater than $2000)$2,65345%$826
Drive with a Suspended License$2,91660%$1,089

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