How much is aaa car insurance a month in 2024?

How much is AAA car insurance?

Let us tell you how much is aaa car insurance a month? The American Automobile Association (AAA) is an organization built up of all the motor clubs across the United States. Most people recognize AAA for its roadside assistance services, but few know that this organization also offers auto insurance. AAA has been providing roadside assistance to American citizens for over 100 years.

AAA Membership and Related Costs

Look, the first thing you should know is that to get car insurance coverage from AAA, firstly, you take its membership. To understand how much it will cost to receive car insurance from AAA, you should know about the different memberships of AAA. Because the cost of the subscriptions available varies, and the services provided to you depend on which one you choose. 

Below, we are giving information about various memberships –

AAA ClassicFor Initial members cost $38 to $74, and additional members cost $25 to $48. Classic Member Services – Access to flat tire, fuel, battery drain service, 4 tow of 3 to 7 miles per year, and $50 in car lockout limits.
AAA PlusInitial members cost $60 to $124, and additional members cost $34 to $80. AAA Plus members get all the services and extras – 4 tows up to 100 miles, a $100 lockout limit, and free gasoline delivery.
AAA PremierAAA Premier Initial members cost $77 to $164, and additional members cost $45 to $109. Premier members enjoy a range of benefits and services, including 3 tows up to 100 miles, one tow of 200 miles, a $150 lockout limit for your home or vehicle, coverage up to $1500 if a problem occurs during the trip, and car rental for the day with a tow is available. 
AAA Membership Benefits

Apart from all these benefits, you should pay attention to the fact that there are some remarkable benefits and that there can be a limit to towing. AAA also offers other services, including car buying, identity theft insurance, and driving lessons in some locations. There are also some other necessary fees that this organization waives for its members. The enrollment fee costs about $8 to $20. If you want motorcycle and RV benefits, an additional $35 to $85 will be added depending on the membership.

What Discounts does AAA provide to its Members?

After becoming a member of AAA, you get discounts at many places. All these discounts vary depending on your location. Let us know:-

AAA Membership Discounts

  • 1% percent discount on car repair and body.
  • Discounts on flower delivery, movie tickets, and food.
  • 1% percent discount on oil change.
  • Discounts on museums, amusement parks, and other entertainment.
  • Free renewal subscription for new T-Mobile customers, discounts on cell phone bills and accessories.
  • Discounts on moving trucks and rental cars.
  • Discounts on vision care and prescriptions.
  • Discounts on products of some electric companies.

What does AAA car insurance cost?

AAA gives you better coverage with many benefits, but it all comes at a price. Yes, if you are looking for cheap, affordable car insurance. Then AAA may cost you dearly as its rates are higher than other insurance companies. AAA’s car insurance coverage can cost anywhere from $200 to $500/month.

To get this insurance, AAA asks for your place of residence, driving record, and some personal information and, in return, offers you many fascinating benefits in car insurance. If you choose AAA insurance, you get many benefits. The cost of AAA car insurance is different for everyone. For example, a 21-year-old driver with a clean driving record costs about $300 per month, while a driver with a bad driving record pays $500 for the same insurance plan. Your expenses fluctuate depending on your age and driving record. We have explained this in the table below –

AgeClean Driving Record RatesPoor Driving Record Rates
21          $310 per month          $480 per month
30          $217 per month          $334 per month
42          $186 per month          $289 per month
AAA car insurance cost

How can I contact AAA for services?

We are giving you below the contact numbers for every department of AAA and its related services. You can avail of services from this organization with this information –

DepartmentContact Information
Claim Service Number800-672-5246
Insurance Quote Number866-568-4222
Customer Service Number800-924-6141
Roadside Assistance Number800-222-4357

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