The crypto market is at a record-breaking high

Last week, the crypto market saw an inflow of $2.45 billion into digital asset investment products, and this led to the crypto market reaching its highest rate ever.

These astonishing figures have been increasing year after year and to everyone's surprise, it has reached $5.2 billion. These figures have come out in the week ending 16 February.

The US played the most important role in this record of the crypto market and gave a business of 2.4 billion dollars.


The surprising thing is that the US contributed 99 percent to this transaction of $2.4 billion.

If you pay attention, a flow of $5.8 million was seen especially in the short Bitcoin product.

If we look at it, the best one was Solana (SOL), which saw an outflow of $1.6 million.

Last Thursday, ETF inflow was $168 million, and outflow was about $389.55 million.

You might be surprised to know that BlackRock's iShares raised $224.3 million on its own and captured a large portion of the inflows.